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Thursday, 1 September 2011

First review of STAGE WHISPERS

Well, I have just been told about the review of STAGE WHISPERS at Jessewave and naturally hurried over there to look - and emerged somewhat puzzled.

... them suddenly quoting famous writers and poets in the middle of conversation I did mind, and eventually I minded that a lot. While I am sure there is a reason for it — I am sure the writer wanted to add layers to their personalities by doing so and I guess to show that being actors is not just their profession — but I think it is possible to draw the characters as rich and distinct personalities without asking for help from the classics.

The phrase 'asking for help from the classics' is an odd one and I really don't quite understand the problem, but then possibly the reviewer has never encountered the kind of theatrical personality that is never without a quote. Actors live their lives wearing a series of masks; even when they are being themselves they are still always being someone else. They are very often at a loss for words themselves - but, having a rich dramatic heritage to call upon, they can usually turn to someone else to say things more appropriately for them.

However not all books suit all readers, and there's no denying that STAGE WHISPERS is a very personal story about two people I feel I know particularly well. Perhaps too personal, and perhaps too well, for readers who prefer something more obviously action-driven.

Better luck next time, I suppose.

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