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Rainbow Award Banners
Awarded December 2013 for MAKE DO AND MEND by Adam Fitzroy

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Interviewed by Elin Gregory

Recently I did an interview with Elin Gregory which has now appeared on Speak Its Name. It was quite an unusual experience - the whole publicity/marketing thing is completely alien to me, and I've never quite been able to shake the notion that there is something fundamentally wrong with talking about oneself. However Elin made it all nice and simple and kindly allowed me to talk about things that are important to me - and it was very good to be able to get in a plug for my all-time favourite book, The Cruel Sea, too. (Not that it needs any plugging from me, I hasten to add.)

I was also extremely impressed that Elin had managed to find a picture looking back from the top of the fictional 'Sermon Pass'; down into the valley which features so strongly in Make Do And Mend - a picture in which the sun is shining, no less! The last time I was up there it was January and blowing half a gale, and the photographs I took largely comprise of very cold-looking sheep and a very cold-looking companion all trying not to get blown off the hillside. We then drove on into the darkness and had the world's largest portion of fish and chips in Welshpool - but that, as they say, is a story for another time.

Anyway, a couple of people left very kind responses to the interview, for which I thank them; writing can be a bit of a lonely and introspective process and it's always nice to be able to remind oneself that there are actually people 'out there' (in the significant proportion of the world that is not my study, that is!) who are interested in the results. It certainly helps to be able to remember that, at times!


  1. just finished "Stage Whispers" - wow; a genuinely wonderful, finely crafted story. I'm on to "Dear Mr. President" and "Ghost Station" next - addicted to Kindle, if necessary I'll settle for other formats to read your work. all of the "publicity/marketing thing" may seem difficult but it needs to be done to assure that as many readers as possible have a chance to discover and enjoy your writing (I just chanced upon SW through a mention in Goodreads -to think that I might otherwise have missed your work suggests that all of the wrong stuff is being "talked up" in too many places).

    1. Thank you for commenting! Intellectually I know you're right and I should 'put myself about more', but it doesn't come naturally; I think writing is essentially an introverted activity and it's actually quite difficult to turn around and face the other way ... as it were. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the others as much as you did 'Stage Whispers'!